Indonesia Battery Corporation

PT Industri Baterai Indonesia or also known as Indonesia Battery Corporation (IBC) is a state-owned company engaged in the battery electric vehicle (BEV) and electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem

Why We Made IBC


Look Forward

In 2040, global vehicle sales (data by BloombergNEF) will be dominated by electric vehicle in order to minimize greenhouse emission.


Battery Demand

from the EV total cost, battery is one of the main components representing 12-25% of the total demand.


Nickel High Demand

2030 akan menggunakan baterai Lithium-ion tipe NMC 622 & NMC 811 dimana NIKEL merupakan komponen pembentuk utama katoda (60-80%), sehingga akan mendorong volume permintaan Nikel.

"We see Opportunities, Indonesia has a Strong Position in the Integrated EV Industry"

One of the Biggest Global Economies

16 5

World's biggest economies in 2020

World's biggest economies in 2045

Strong Position in Mineral Resources Upstream

1 6

World Nickel Supply & Production

Copper, Manganese, & Alumunium Supply

Huge Domestic Market Potential

2W 4W

8,8 million potential units in 2025

2 million potential units in 2045

Competitive Benefits for Supply & Demand Chain


Low battery costs through integrated production besides Indonesia being one of the most competitive countries based on manufacturing costs, according to a World Bank study.




"Strive to Become a Global Electric Vehicle (EV) Ecosystem and Battery"


To maximize the potential of Indonesian natural resources through constructing battery, EV, and ESS ecosystem that is integrated from upstream to downstream.

To proactively support the battery and EV ecosystem market growth in Indonesia.

To establish capabilities to increase company competitiveness and become the key player in the battery and EV ecosystem.

To support national electric vehicle growth, so that we can become the base of production in ASEAN.

Work together with global partners in developing EV and battery.